Economic Statistics


1.  Yahoo! Finance

2.  CNBC Business

3.  Economic Indicators Definitions

4.  U.S. Census Bureau Statistical Abstract

5.  Bureau of Economic Analysis: Economy at a Glance



Stock Market

1.  MSN Money Stock Ticker





Gross Domestic Product

1.  Bureau of Economic Analysis:  GDP Tables




1.  Bureau of Labor Statistics

2.  Bureau of Labor Employment Situation



1.  Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index




Budget Deficit

1. Daily Treasury Statement

2.  State Budget Deficits

3.  Daily Debt to the Penny



Trade Deficit

1.  U.S. Trade Deficit Ticker

2.  U. S. Census Bureau Foreign Trade Statistics


Price of Commodities

  1. World Crude Oil Price


Precious Metals

1.   World Price for Gold

1.  Housing Starts, Building permitsHousing

2.  New Home Sales

3.  National Association of Realtors:  Existing Home Sales



1.  U.S. Census Bureau Manufacturing and Construction Statistics

2.  New Orders for Durable and Non-Durable Goods

3.  Factory Orders



1.  Retail Sales

2. Worker Productivity


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