The Corporation

Chapter1. What is a Corporation?

Chapter 2: Birth

Chapter 3: A Legal “Person”

Chapter 4: Externalities

Chapter 5: Case Histories

Chapter 6: The Pathology of Commerce

Chapter 7: Monstrous Obligations

Chapter 8: Mindset

Chapter 9: Trading on 9/11

Chapter 10: Boundary Issues

Chapter 11: Basic Training

Chapter 12: Perception Management

Chapter 13: Like a Good Neighbor

Chapter 14: A Private Celebration

Chapter 15: Triumph of the Shill

Chapter 16: Advancing the Front

Chapter 17: Unsettling Accounts

Chapter 18: Expansion Plan

Chapter 19: Taking the Right Side

Chapter 20: Hostile Takeover

Chapter 21: Democracy LTD.

Chapter 22: Psycho Therapies

Chapter 23: Prognosis

One comment on “The Corporation
  1. Wow! This can be very depressing. It was good to watch to the end and to see that some people have been able to fight, however overall I think that things are worse today than when this was made.
    I know that we can do some things. My daughter works for UL and was on their team that wrote many of their standards for “being green”. If we demand those types of products, they will be made. However, by pricing them out of the average person’s ability to pay, the corporations are able to make these choices less popular.
    Have you read Margaret Atwood’s Mad Adam trilogy? If you have not, you really should.

    Thanks for all these extras. I am taking the class for the credits, but it is great to have important things to think about that will last long after the class ends.

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