The Corporation

Chapter1. What is a Corporation?

Chapter 2: Birth

Chapter 3: A Legal “Person”

Chapter 4: Externalities

Chapter 5: Case Histories

Chapter 6: The Pathology of Commerce

Chapter 7: Monstrous Obligations

Chapter 8: Mindset

Chapter 9: Trading on 9/11

Chapter 10: Boundary Issues

Chapter 11: Basic Training

Chapter 12: Perception Management

Chapter 13: Like a Good Neighbor

Chapter 14: A Private Celebration

Chapter 15: Triumph of the Shill

Chapter 16: Advancing the Front

Chapter 17: Unsettling Accounts

Chapter 18: Expansion Plan

Chapter 19: Taking the Right Side

Chapter 20: Hostile Takeover

Chapter 21: Democracy LTD.

Chapter 22: Psycho Therapies

Chapter 23: Prognosis


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