Virtual Field Trip

This page is designed to help students complete the virtual field trip assignment. 


Students will work in small groups to create a Virtual Field Trip about a culture other than their own.  Students will submit an electronic copy when complete.



1)   Students will complete a virtual field trip.  The project will consist of a number of computer files.

2)  The completed project  needs to include a title slide,  then the virtual field trip of 10-15 slides, with descriptions on each slide so the viewer can view it independently. 

3)  You will probably need to use PowerPoint for creating your field trip.

4)  The trip should include some hyperlinks to websites, information appropriate to the topic and pictures.

5)  You can include sound and/or video files, if you’d like, but these are not required. 

6)    Students will use correct grammar and spelling in the creation of the Powerpoint slides.

7)   Students will present the virtual field trip to the class at the end of the semester.


To locate a culture to study, click on one of the links below.

1.  World Cultures List 

2.  African Ethnic Groups

3.  Lists of Ethnic Groups

4.  List of Ethnic Groups- Wikopedia

5.  List of Ethnic Groups in South East Asia

6.   Country Studies

7.  Ethnic Groups of South America

8.  World Cultures Encyclopedia



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