Ethnic Stereotypes in the Media


1.  Collection of Racist Cartoons

2.  Scooby – Doo

3.  Racist Cartoon Clips

4.  Scrub Me Momma With a Boogie Beat

5.  Black Stereotypes

6.  The Black and White Minstrel Show

7.  Uncle Tom and Little Eva Racist Cartoon from the 1930’s

8.  Al Jolson in “Mammy” 1930

9.  Gone With the Wind  “Mammy” 1    Mammy 2  

10.  Racial Stereotypes in Children’s Entertainment

11.  Asian Stereotype in Beer Commercial?

12.  Racist TV Ad for Chicken

13.  Worst Stereotype Ad Ever?

14.  Asian Stereotypes in the Media

15.  How Hollywood Stereotyped Native Americans

16.  How Hollywood Vilifies Arabs  Link 1     Link 2

17.  Ethnic Notions  Link 1

18.  Ethnic Stereotypes in the Media

19.  Stereotype Skits on the Daily Show

20.  Speedy Gonzalez

21.  Recent Mt. Dew Ad With Stereotypes



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